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Spironet is a software consultancy company. It was established in 1992 and specialised in software design for small to medium machines. Various clients, including Hewlett Packard Ltd, Dixon's Stores Group, Xerox Corporation, as well as smaller companies throughout the world using PC and unix computers as well as other less well known operating systems. Spironet has always been wholly owned by Colin Williams. The company provides software consultancy, project and MIS management, System design, coding and testing and System support.

The founder, Colin Williams, has been working in the computer industry since 1973, having started as a computer programmer. He has worked in a variety of industries on a number of different platforms using a large number of software languages. He has been employed as a programmer, a systems analyst, a project manager, systems and MIS Manager and system support. He now specialises in PC development and web design, writing systems for use on both servers and local pcs, in C and Visual Basic (and various derivatives there of).

Spironet Web designs uses Dreamweaver as its design tool and other Adobe products as required. All web sites are produced to customer specific requirements and are produced in a 4 step process. Process 1 is to have an informal meeting with the client to gain an understanding of their requirements. Process 2 is to produce a story board to detail to the client how their specific site will be laid out. Process 3 will be to produce the web site in preliminary form. Process 4 is to publish the finished site prior to sign off. Each phase of the process is agreed with the individual client and will not be signed off until the client is happy with the content.

Once the site is complete and the client is happy with the finished product, the site will be verified as compliant with W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) for both xhtml and css code The site will then be submitted to Norton Internet Security for verification and base approval. Once these (and any other approvals required by the customer) have been completed, the web site will be handed a Hexagon in glassover to the customer.

Spironet Web Designs will also maintain existing web sites for a small fee, providing the customer with the peace of mind that their site is in safe hands and that changes can be made quickly, efficiently and at an affordable cost.


Small of Large. Personal or your company. Web designing is our business. All or our web sites are XHTML and CSS certificated for your peace of mind and your customers safety.


We can design your web presence. Your concept, our delivery. We can help you with web hosting too.

Web Hosting with our preferred suppliers or anyone you choose. Your choice

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Affordable, attractive and fast. We aim to give you your web site as quickly as we can. We aim to maintain to your requirements and have a number of plans to help you budget your web management.